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Using localStorage to prevent losing everything typed on Canny
... and here goes Pet Peeve #3, which (probably) requires a bit of additional programming. Currently, if you're typing some feedback, and your browser crashes or your computer and your browser crashes, or your session times out, or you close the browser by mistake, or [insert any other possible way of closing the browser prematurely], then you lose everything . I often need some time to do actual research before submitting a feedback request (or even just a simple comment). Often I don't have time to complete it, so I leave the browser tab open until I can return to it on a later stage. When one of the above things happen, however, everything is lost. Obviously, if I know in advance that I will not return to the browser 'soon', I can manually do a copy & paste of what I'm writing; or, when I remember to do so, I can start writing the text on an external editor (or even on blank page , which does save the editor contents to the browser's localStorage), and only copy & paste it. But that's incredibly cumbersome. Of course, if my Pet Peeve #2 ever gets addressed, this question is moot — almost all contemporary JavaScript-based Markdown editors will keep the contents on the localStorage. The actual code to implement this feature is really basic, and it might not even require Canny to develop anything on their side (although I have no good argument for not wanting a built-in auto-save feature), so long as LL is allowed to inject a bit of JavaScript in the page. I have recently written a tiny plugin for phpBB, because phpBB also lacks an auto-saving feature to localStorage, and I can confirm that this is really a trivial bit of code — a few lines of pure, native JavaScript, with zero dependencies — which can be handled by a junior programmer in less than an afternoon (plus testing!). And all you need is a browser with JavaScript enabled, nothing else. While I can understand (to a degree...) that Canny avoided a WYSIWYG editor (as per my Pet Peeve #2), and there might be some good reasons for not including one (although I cannot list a single good reason), merely saving the content of a textarea to localStorage periodically is surely a very trivial request which will not clash with anything else?... (While you're at it, do the same for the SL Marketplace backoffice...)
Better Markdown engine + Preview mode
Hi again! So, here comes my Pet Peeve #2: the Markdown engine and the lack of a Preview version. I'm "fluent" in a few varieties of Markdown, and I'm more than enthusiastic to know that at least some form of Markdown is supported by Canny! But... which one is it? Clearly, some CommonMark features are present to a degree — bold, italics, etc. are supported, as well as lists of items and external links, and embedding images/videos. Which is just the bare minimum of Markdown, but, as said, better than nothing at all. I wonder if the current engine could be replaced my something like the GitHub Flavoured Markdown engine?... that would be state-of-the-art and remove all ambiguity in the Markdown syntax (at the cost of having to stick to one possible interpretation of the syntax). And, finally, isn't there a way to get a Preview function? I'm not even asking for a fully-fledged Markdown WYSIWYG editor — although that would be nice to have — but just a simple way to get a Preview without having to write everything, only to notice that something hadn't been correctly typed/had wrong Markdown and needs to be edited again ? (Their help pages just say "To keep things simple, there's no preview mode or formatting toolbar." Simple — for them . Not for end-users!). I understand that the above request may be impossible, because Linden Lab doesn't have access to the inner workings of Canny, but has to depend on their willingness to add further functionality. But let's be honest here: I'm not asking for months of development on very specific and complex programming. I'm just asking for one line to include a JavaScript file (well, and possibly another one for the CSS). That's all it takes these days to get a Markdown WYSIWYG editor, and there are many, many choices to pick from and experiment with... almost all of them free and open-source.
What exactly are "boards" on Canny? We need more functionality!
Everybody has their collection of pet peeves about Canny, but I just have three, all very simple. This is the first! Boards. Different platforms would also call them "forums", or "categories", or "groups" — even "threads"; Discord calls them "servers"; StackExchange calls them "communities" (I think...). Second Life calls them "in-world groups". The principle is universally the same: a lot of messages aggregated together under the same overarching category, usually in separate threads per topic. One thing that is expected of all of those, under the principle of least surprise , is that such overarching categories have a simple way to navigate between threads inside it. Even the infamous SL Groups, to a degree, allow that — each group, so to speak, represents a category of people interested in a certain subject, and which use a common chat channel to communicate. But on Canny, somehow, this is not quite the case. There is the concept of a "category", sure. This feature request is being posted under the "Canny Feedback board". I expect that, tomorrow, when browsing through all the topics inside this particular board, this topic will still be here. However, start a discussion, add some comments, and some replies to comments, and all of the sudden, there is no indication whatsoever to which board you're replying to. If someone passes you a link to a topic, you might not realise to what board it belongs to. At the very least, I'd expect that the current board should be at the top of the page, preferably clickable (to allow you to quickly return to the list of topics on the same board). But even just the name would go a long way to understand where exactly one topic is categorised into. If this is, for some reason, impossible to implement, I wonder if, at least, the board name could not be set to some sort of tag which would get appended to the topic, like we now have things saying Closed, Tracked, Completed, etc.? Something that identifies the board is fine — it doesn't even have to be its full name, but just a combination of, say, an icon and a specific colour. Surely Canny has at least one way of signaling on which board you are?... To make matters slightly more confusing, besides "boards", there are also Categories. I'm presuming that these are tagged during the review process, They are not meant to be user-defined, much less searchable. They're just... confusing, since you can have categories spanning several boards, and, vice-versa, e.g. boards containing topics classified under different categories. Could we at least get some degree of uniformization here, please? Thank you! (edited to fix a glaring typo and to bump "two pet peeves" to "three")
Canny does not provide an adequate framework for researching and reporting issues.
The JIRA >> Canny implementation came at the worst possible time, while we're attempting to integrate PBR into the mainstream and there are literally dozens, if not hundreds of tiny edge cases, weird anomalies, and full on render glitches that need to be tracked, matched, and addressed. I'm in the process of trying to track 3-4 issues, of "stuff that renders as an errored monochromatic color". Some of these are GL-drawcolor fails ( solid pink ) some of these seem to be environment-divide-by-zero problems that may have existed before PBR was ever introduced. But I can't associate any of these variants with their potentially related prior reports since I don't have access to JIRA anymore. I keep getting told "the old JIRA issues were backed up". Well, I don't have access to them, and neither does anyone else as far as I'm aware, so how exactly are we supposed to link knowledge together? I can't even look at my old JIRA issues anymore to refresh my memory about the exact circumstances that something occurred. This is very important to me. Even if we managed to re-report every old JIRA issue on Canny, there's no way to "Mark as Duplicate", or for that matter, Mark as Non-Duplicate. As often with graphics related issues, you can get two behaviors that are nearly identical, that are from two completely distinct causes, and it's important to be able to reference the other issue, and say "this error is visually similar, but it's NOT caused by the same problem as 'this other thing' ". Currently I can't even associate potentially related issues, because Canny Search doesn't have enough adequate filters, so unless I want to go digging through every issue reported since the launch of the platform, I can't even filter my search by a reporter ( unless this is user error on my part? I can't even figure out how to filter it down to issues I've reported myself!! ) How is anyone trying to do meaningful bug-tracking supposed to work with this? Canny's great for people who go "I'd really like it if the viewer let me automatically hide unused poseballs" and just wish-upon-a-star for a new feature without actually caring if anyone else has wished for the same thing, but for reporting ACTUAL bugs, and tracking them, this is nearly useless, to the point where I've resorted to just writing them down in text documents and discord servers so I have some reference point that I can keep stuff organized in. This platform doesn't even have convenient text formatting unless you know some magic asterisk voodoo ( which I literally just figured out I can do ... but why isn't this an option in the text header box? ) !! if ( user ) { displayFormattingOptions = 1; // For most people: // Having undocumented features is functionally- // identical to not having the feature // to start with. // FYI :: surrounding text in // one asterisk gives *italics* // two asterisks gives **bold** // three asterisks ***bold italics*** // You're welcome random person // who searched 'formatting' // } Apparently I can post code blocks too, but while some of standard markdown formatting works __some does not__ ~ but more importantly none of this is documented anywhere ! Why aren't there buttons??! I figured it out by flinging symbols at the wall and seeing what sticks. At least Discord lets me conveniently highlight stuff and coordinate things. I can even reference a prior post and go "Hey this is related, click this little link thing and read it." Also in Discord, I can "Filter by user" and store relevant data like I could on JIRA. When your new bug reporting platform is getting outperformed for bug-reporting purposes by just "let's make a Discord channel and paste stuff into it", there's a serious problem. Please give us access to a tool that is functional for actual issue reporting and tracking. Thank you~ -- Liz ( formerly Polysail ) PS: Canny is great for just yeeting ideas onto the internet and then forgetting about them. It's Twitter, without a character limit and less X's. While that notion is potentially appealing in some capacity, it's not practical for bug-triage.
Problems and feedback with Canny
All the reasons why Canny is not a suitable bug tracker for Second Life. I will keep adding to this list as I find more problems Please, please (literally BEGGING IN ALL CAPS here), can you give us a functional bug tracker for Second Life. Because we're worth it (hair fling) - might not make sense in the US if you don't have that L'Oreal advert lol I suggest we should use Redmine plus a nice selection of Plugins. Redmine is FREE. Lots of Redmine plugins are FREE. You might need to pay for some plugins you need, but they are all relatively cheap. Redmine is also Open source so you can write your own plugins if needed. Redmine supports OAuth, so users can login to Redmine using their SL login credentials Never thought I'd be shilling for Redmine - the poor man's JIRA but bloody hell, at least it's a functional bug tracker, unlike Canny. In no particular order... 1) MINOR - The pane to type in your bug report details is TINY and as of now there is no way to resize it. It's not usable for long & complicated bug repro steps. Workaround - file bug then edit issue - edit page is more usable - 2) BLOCKER - There appears to be no way to link issues together! 3) BLOCKER - There appears to be no activity stream - how are we supposed to see all the changes that occur in real time - like noticing if someone left a comment on an older issue. There is no way to sort issues by last updated either. Canny is not functional for bug repoorts where debugging & conversation needs to occur between users & LL because there is no way for the user to easily see if any of their reports have had updates or a question has been asked. 4) MAJOR - I'm not getting emails when updates are made to an issue I filed or voted on - can't find a setting to enable email notificatations. This relates to #3 - this makes it very difficult to know when an update has been made to your issue. The only action that sends an email is an @ mention. Do you want @mention to be enabled for all users? It could be used to send massive amounts of email spam by griffers. 5) MAJOR - There appears to be no way to find all reports a certain user filed. This feature in JIRA is used often in bug triage. 6) BLOCKER - You can't attach anything to an issue that isn't a gif/jpg/png/webp How are we supposed to attach log files, dae files, sound files, animations, gifs etc for bug repros? 7) MAJOR - Search doesn't work well at all. It misses issues it should find and finds issues that have nothing to do with the search term at all. 8) MAJOR - The filed issues do not even have a number reference! They are named with the title! eg If you edit the issue title, the URL changes!! If you have 2 issues filed with the same title, it appends -1 etc to the URL This is a pain in the ass for various reasons - we will end up having test items in inventory named rather then just BUG-12345 or SL-12345 This will also look lovely in the release notes with no nice way to link the public facing bug. 9) BLOCKER - No ability to add labels. I use labels extensively 10) BLOCKER - Can't create , save or use filters. 11) MAJOR - Beq can't file any report on Canny using Chrome - 12) BLOCKER - Closed issues just - disappear! There's no way to view closed issues, even your own issues that have been closed, they do not show up under own issues. Only way to find them again if if you kept a note of the URL! 13) BLOCKER - There is no ability to watch an issue. You can vote on an issue but there is no functionality to even bring up a list of issues you voted on! 14) LOL - Zalgo text will destroy the main bugs list page: Sntax said he's already reported this to Canny 15) MINOR - There's been several complaints now that the text input fields flicker and jump around when entering text. Nicky & Beq can reproduce this. I can't repro it. Edit - Actually I can - Ref: 16) MAJOR - There appears to be no way to restrict issues you file to Triagers & Reporter or Linden & reporter. Therefore, how should we file repros to crash the viewer or region? These kinds of reports shouldn't be public. How do we file SEC issues that only Lindens can see? 17) MAJOR - Lots of Adblockers break Canny. Most people have an adblocker installed these days. For example, if Privacy Badger is installed - This issue will display in the web browser like this: Privacy Badger blocks , , Thanks to Chaser Zaks for this info 18) MAJOR, possibly BLOCKER - It's possible to change your name in Canny. I changed my name to Whirly Linden - To Reproduce: * Go to * Log out * Log back in * Observe - the settings fields are unlocked and can be edited Your changed name can be seen in comments etc and then the changes you made automatically revert after a few minutes. Possible blocker - If you can race condition it at just the right time, it'll be updated at the right time and the changes might stick. This should probably be investigated. Thanks to Chaser Zaks for finding this one. 19) MINOR - It's not possible to get a link to a specific comment on a Canny issue like we can on JIRA.
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