At present (2024-04-11),
is throttled to a rate of 10 hits per 30 seconds when targeting the same recipient. This throttle may negatively impact some relationships where abuse is unlikely:
  • Attachments and the wearer
  • Vehicles/objects and their sitters
  • Objects owned by the land owner and residents on that land
  • Objects owned by an estate manager and residents in that estate
Use cases that may be negatively impacted by the throttle:
  • A backpack that steadily regenerates the wearer's health in absence of region-defined health regeneration
  • A vehicle that catches fire and slowly burns its inhabitants until they exit
  • An environmental damage source, such as radiation or toxic pools, placed by the land owner or estate manager, that slowly hurts avatars in the area of effect
I request that the throttle be disregarded for cases such as these. I believe that throttles for
used in other cases are still necessary to reduce the potential for abuse.