In combat regions on the main grid, vehicles commonly use
to prevent damage to seated avatars and use another object that follows the vehicle to accept damage via a scripted health system. This works because both the object sat on and the avatars seated become phantom and unable to collide with objects that cause damage.
For at least the current testing version (Combat2 2024-03-29.8486222382),
will still cause damage for both vehicle and seated avatars that have volume detect enabled. This would require immediate change to a great number of vehicles that were scripted before the Combat2 project.
Instead I propose that vehicles with volume detect enabled do not pass on damage to sitters, unless the vehicle contains scripts with
events. This would preserve existing behavior and allow older vehicles to be used against the new
I have added a new demo box, "Volume detect seat", to the collection in the northeast corner of the safe parcel in Thermopylae to test this behavior.