Same EEP setting when applied by a script, displays much darker than intended/original, works ok when opened using the Edit window... see snaps attached, all EEP settings are updated for PBR (HDR, etc...).
2- ) I left a prim with on the side of the PBR board with the same settings inside the board. (Use your powers to get them.. lol)
3-) Open setting Beautiful Day from your inventory, observe results... close edit window.
4-) Click Beautiful Day at the board ... script does update viewer, but with a much darker tone/light...
LSL function llReplaceAgentEnvironment, region -> viewer probably missing some parameter? Region probes seems to be "stuck" and not updating...
Viewer: Second Life Release (64bit)
Server: Second Life Server 2024-01-19.7590161929
PS.: This "canny" thing.... really?