Create an Environment with the "Blue Density" Color set to 0,0,0 Black and observe that the sky lights up monochromatic white when the "Haze Density" Slider is also set to 0.0 ~ This issue does not occur on pre-PBR viewers.
This seems to be the continuation of / related to another bug regarding black water rendering when Haze Density is low. But I don't know how to link issues to old JIRAs in this new system because I can't sign into it anymore, and this text field is really tiny and cramped and there's no "Related Issue" button, also why is there a "Delete Post" Option in a bug reporting platform?? ~ Like ~ that seems like a bad idea~ I could go searching for an issue and maybe someone has just completely deleted it??? I hate it here... make it stop.
Liz iz Sad