The viewer does not update the folder name after renaming it within the same session (login), after moving a new uploaded material.
Steps to reproduce: (with names used if it helps)
1- Create a folder in root folder (inventory), and set as a override for uploads (ZZZ-Uploads)
2- Create a subfolder (PBR) and set as default upload folder for materials.
3- Upload a material.
4- Create a subfolder for this material (Galvanized)
5- Cut and paste the new material to the new sub folder (Galvanized).
After that, if I try to rename the folder Galvanized, it just reverts to the current name (Galvanized), after log out and back in, the new name shows as expected. Probably missing a refresh or message from the server.
This may occur under other circumstances/steps, but with these ones I can repro any time...