LL stopped publishing an official Linux compatible viewer build in 2015. Despite this, TPVs have managed to support linux builds in the years since, performing necessary 3p upgrade work and fixing breaks in compatibility introduced from upstream.
Aside from a handful of library updates (SDL to SDL2, etc.) there isn't too much to do to restore linux build support. This would benefit TPVs, as they can reduce their delta from upstream, and benefit users who use linux as a main OS or want to run SL natively on Steamdeck, etc.
Further thoughts:
  • Rather than shipping a distro-specific package (deb, rpm, etc.) just drop a compressed archive. This will allow distros to re-package as necessary, and allow the most broad compatibility
  • Many
    compatible 3p packages have already been rebuilt on Github as part of CI/CD modernization efforts (Examples: expat, zlib-ng) 馃檪