What is this change supposed to achieve?
1) Make more land buyers aware of certain rules that exist, like those concerning land-cutting or ad limitations. This will make more of those land owners who didn't know of these rules abide by them, means these land owners will not cut ad micro parcels or place unreasonable ad signs in order to sell their places, improving mainland.
2) Reduce the number of abuse reports that the governance team has to deal with by removing those reports that were caused by people who didn't know of the rules but would have abided by the rules if they had known them.
What is the current situation?
When you buy mainland, the Covenant text currently says "There is no Covenant provided for this Estate." There is no link to the Mainland policies anywhere.
How should the change look like?
Instead there could be a link to the Mainland policies (https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Mainland_policies) when you purchase mainland in order to make the user aware of certain rules like those concerning land-cutting and ad limitations.