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Connect Bay City / Nova Albion to Sansara road network
With the Anniversary of Bay City coming up this weekend, it's well past time for Bay City to be connected to the rest of the Sansara road network. I've been able to physically walk out two proposed paths. Both paths would be entirely on Linden owned lands, not taking any resident parcels from existing owners.. The proposed route would start at the info hub in Dore (where the existing road out of Nova Albion ends). Continue south through the Morris sandbox and along the eastern side of historic Oak Grove, though through the portion where there are no builds. Enter into the vehicle sandbox sims and follow one of two paths from that point: Move south at Bethel and use the existing vehicle sandbox pathways and bridge system to translation to a coastal road in Ouranos, dropping into a tunnel or under-water road along the southern edge of Mnemosyne and the southern most edge of Abbotts (currently LL owned), then up the canal in Cowell, connecting to the road at the Noyo parking lot. Continue east through the vehicle sandbox, moving under water at Kapor, through the existing waterway in Stinson, under the "Bay of Space Pigs" and connecting with the roadway in either Rodeo or Omidyar. Both routes would require an underwater road or tunnel system, though considering the quality work with such routes in Jeogeot, there's plenty of precident for that! As stated, we walked both routes from start to finish and found either LDPW or Governor Linden owned parcels the entire way. Happy to walk the route with anyone as well.


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