Claim a new Linden Home in Fantasseria. At this time (3/2024) it appears that roughly one out of five parcel controllers for newly claimed homes will give this message whenever touched. "Sorry, but the scripts in the HouseController have just been reset and are still initializing. Please try again in a minute or two." The message is given immediately. This condition persists until the controller is manually reset. According to one user's account, this condition may also occur any time you try to change home styles on a parcel you already own.
Supposedly residents can reset these controllers by performing a "long touch" on the controller exceeding 10 seconds. However, this often does not work. The controller MAY detect a long touch if you hold for up to a minute, or it may not. After trying a few times, I've left it for an hour or so and come back to try again, which is often successful. But not always.
It does not matter where on the controller object you perform the long touch, even if you cam into it to touch the root prim.
User's account of this problem causing them to abandon a lovely parcel:
"I had it fixed two times within a month. My sister was right across the lake from me and she had the direct view of the waterfall from her back yard. She ended up having to give up her house for the same reason. I miss that house but it was just too frustrating to have it break whenever I felt like redecorating, which is usually about once a month unless I have an idea for a different house style half way through the decorating progress."