Mia Linden has a fun game called Prim Attack in Luna which I am hoping you would move about 6 meters to get it out of the public rez zone. Mia Linden is a member of the land Maintenance group so Prim Attack can be anywhere and will still be able to rez the game prims. My idea is to move it where I placed the wooden mockup here: https://gyazo.com/7ec4c33ae30780948e411e1b80b63d5d
Any Linden can move it using God Mode.
The reason is to resolve a slight conflict between those who want to use the rez zone and those who want to play prim attack. Moving the game out of the way would help everyone.
Here is an example: I'm playing Prim Attack, My friend is rezzing things she bought at the local stores to check how they look. Some grid driver comes along and needs to rez a vehicle. There are two rez zones my friend has a bunch of boxes and items rezzed and can't really delete all her stuff easy. The only solution is for me to stop playing Prim Attack and let this guy rez his vehicle which is what I do, no big deal. I'm very friendly and cooperative. However, this place is starting to get more popular lately. A better solution would be to move the game out of an important parcel like a rez zone. I promise it will work just as well anywhere in Luna. If you doubt me, teleport here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ichelus/162/134/73 and watch Brent Linden's balls of hot lava being rezzed in a no rez zone. It does not need a rez zone to rez prims when the owner is in the maintenance group. So please do not simply delete the game I think it brings a lot of people out here to this region and helps the stores, but so do the rez zones.
Moving Prim Attack in region Luna at this location:
as pictured here:
would help to optimize the fun this simulator can offer for everyone.