Please connect Route 3A to Route 2 at the end where it meets up with the Box Office for the Pyri Funfair. There's currently protected land that goes most of the way and then there's abandoned land that would allow it to connect the rest of the way. At the very least, please reserve the abandoned land so the project CAN be done sometime in the future!
Adding this route connecting Route 3A to Route 2 will allow people to go from the inside of the continent to the outside. Currently there's no way to do this unless you go significantly out of your way either north or south. 3A itself is just a dead end.
I've attached an image with the proposed routing.
I'm already personally building a route connecting Route 1, Route 6, and Route 3A together via Parva and Deltote. Although it won't be fit for heavy vehicles like semi-trucks, it will allow for smaller vehicles to connect to all three. I'd love to work directly with the lab to make this route more realistically viable, but have been informed LL does not work directly with individuals on builds even when meant for the community at large.