on the 5th I started seeing failures with external HTTP in requests to inworld objects... Failing with a 502 Proxy error. After some experimenting, it only happens on RC BlueSteel, RC LeTigre, and RC Magnum servers that I've tested on, AND the POST body must be non-empty. If I do a post with no body (from external, i.e. my web server) with an empty body, it works everywhere. With ANYTHING in the body, it fails on RC servers.
non-RC release regions do not fail! Everything works fine. GET requests all work fine everywhere, too. It's only POST, with body, to objects in RC regions from outside SL.
I've been making many HTTP-in POST requests from my web server daily to objects all over the grid for a very long time now. I haven't changed a thing and this new behavior just started showing up a few days ago out of the blue. It's causing some of my scripted products to completely fail to function, it's a really big problem for customers. This affects RFL inworld fundraiser kiosk servers so this could cause a big disruption to their fundraiser. However they may be able to temporarily mitigate by moving all their inworld servers to a non-RC region.
This is a really big problem for me since I have no access to a non-RC region. All my land is apparently RC.