1) Go to Blake Sea - Pacific
2) Create an object (X), copy it (Y), link both copies together (X & Y)
3) Apply any material to the new object (linkset)
4) Set the alpha mode of the material to opaque
5) Take the new object (linkset) to your inventory
6) Rez the object
7) Edit the object and edit the material
8) The alpha mode will be opaque on link (X) and blend on link (Y)
The issue only happens in link sets, since the latest server update (2024-05-15.9103263550) on RC (Bluesteel) channels. The issue also happens when changing alpha modes of GLTF materials with scripts. Basically it's impossible to make any link of a link set visible/invisible with a script on this new server release. With scripts it happens sometimes, on some link sets. The steps to reproduce work 100% of the time.
This issue does not happen on main channel server and it does not happen in the Magnum RC Sandbox 1 region.